Conquerer of nightmares, phobias,
         and other squishy, inedible things.

General Stats

Name: Kaizur LaFortune

Aliases: Blue, Hero, Kai, Fluffy

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 145 lbs

Build: Average, toned

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blue

Fur: White, blue markings

Scars: Several small ones on his upper back, one slightly larger scar on his chest.

Orientation: Open

Marital Status: Taken

Job: Caretaker of the Peddlers Hollow Farm

Notable Behavioral Traits

Determined, loyal, polite.

He's also quite good at reading body-language, having spent several years as a mute due to a throat injury that has since been repaired.

Element: Lightning (Air)

Strengths: Cold, Water, Ice

Weaknesses: Fire, Status Plagues, Polearms

Kai can be difficult to describe. On the outside, he represents the positivity, determination, simplicity and loyalty of his species, especially when it comes to his friends. From the time of his birth he has always placed the needs of others before his own, despite the fact that he often feels as though he shouldn't. He fights a constant losing battle with himself, a struggle between the ideals of self-preservation and sacrifice - between greed and hospitality, and for reasons that even he cannot identify, the good in him always prevails. The only people exempt from this internal warfare are his friends and loved ones, any one of whom he would do literally anything for without a second thought...usually.
This constant tug-of-war of emotion and logic is fed by a long list of emotions and memories that he truly believes do not belong to him. He often feels like there is somebody else doing all of the thinking for him; making all of the decisions in life on his behalf. The funny thing is, he's not entirely wrong - housing a soul that has been recycled dozens of times can have an odd effect on a man, after all. The end result of this inner turmoil is often depression. However, he does his best not to let anybody see through his cheerful exterior. Wouldn't want to upset anybody!
Battle Stats

Fighting Style: Sword and Shield

Armor Preference: Light or Medium

Proficiencies: Swords, shields, leather armor, scale armor, evading, blocking, tumbling, parrying.


Strength: Medium

Agility: Medium

Endurance: Medium

Wits: High

Intelligence: Medium

Wisdom: Medium

Spellcraft: Low

Spirit: Medium

Strength - The capacity to carry, push, pull, or perform any other laborious task, affects damage with melee weaponry and fists, feet, etcetera.

Agility - A measure of one's ability to scale walls, sidle along narrow ledges, wield small or throwable weaponry, and perform other various acrobatic feats.

Endurance - How much damage, magical or otherwise, the body can take before forcibly shutting down. Also represents stamina and overall physical health.

Wits - The ability to think quickly and creatively to resolve, escape, or create dangerous situations.

Intelligence - How easily and quickly a character learns conventionally from books or private tutelage; generally shows how much history and mathematics a character has memorized, and is a good indicator of how literate they are.

Wisdom - Represents worldly knowledge either gathered through trial and error or passed down from a master or elder and how quickly and easily new wisdom is retained.

Spellcraft - Represents the number of spells memorized from scrolls or tomes, the maximum power of these spells, and how quickly and easily a character learns new spells this way.

Spirit - Exhibits the innate magical potential of a character and is associated with raw magics; those which users conjure forth by sacrificing their life force for fuel rather than relying on words of power.

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