Conquerer of nightmares, phobias,
         and other squishy, inedible things.

Satchel Contents

Iron chisel
Iron mallet
Steel straightedge
Blue Marble
Camouflauge Cloak - A dark green cloak saturated with mud, leaves, twigs and grass, perfect for blending into a forest setting. When worn, it makes Kaizur nearly impossible to detect from a distance...if he is in the woods, of course.
Worn Equipment

Steel longsword
Iron heater shield
Leather cuirass
Leather pauldrons
Leather leggings
Leather boots

Off hand

Trophy Drum
- A tribal drum of Tonga origin, given to Kaizur by his commanding officer, Tawhiri. The drum is to be adorned with 'battle trophies', usually the teeth or claws of Kaizur's enemies after they are defeated. Current trophies: vine stinger.

Sidna's Violin - A beautiful violin loaned to Kaizur by his friend Sidna. He practices on it whenever he can, and is currently writing a song reminiscent of a Celtic Rock tune.