Conquerer of nightmares, phobias,
         and other squishy, inedible things.

Kaizur's natural element is lightning. Unfortunately, without special training, he is unable to utilize it...willingly. If his borrowed soul feels as though Kai's life is in danger, it will release a warning. However, if his element were unlocked and he were trained diligently to control it, he could develop custom spells that, through sacrificing his very life essence, would enable him to conjure various lightning-based magical attacks or boons.

Kaizur is capable of learning one spell or special attack from each of his friends. These are referred to as 'talents'. They can also be obtained through items that are gifted to him, although he still can't retain more than one unique move from each of his friends. Special moves granted by items cannot be used unless Kai happens to be carrying said item.

Spirit Drum (5 preps) - Kaizur plays his tribal drum and summons forth the spirits of Tawhiri's tribal ancestors. They fly about the battlefield and attempt to corrupt the minds of his enemies, confusing and rendering them immobile.