Conquerer of nightmares, phobias,
         and other squishy, inedible things.

The Legend of Redmoon

'Tis often that tales of heroism are told

shared between taverns, whispered amongst the gathered ears

strained, attention grasped by words of danger, wealth, death and life

but never is the first story shared, the legend of the odd village of Redmoon

Its importance is sheltered from the world

the Primes themselves, I daresay, have seen to this

the story is hollowed, ethereal, it exists and it does not

for one to know of the tale, they have already become a part of it

The characters, their names are forever changing

replaced, born into the world again and again

new bodies are met with ancient souls

because without their guidance, we would cease to be

Each serves a unique purpose

the vessel, the channeller, the light and the arm

in Redmoon our vessel is born once more
and with his return, its role is fulfilled

Young, the boy is nothing

feeble, without knowledge, lacking wisdom

tutored first by the world, lessons of old, harsh, indiscriminate, perfect

by fate he must labor, must learn, must strive

The child from Redmoon becomes a man

foregoing reason, he journeys ceaselessly

legs first quivering and feet tattered and bruised

with time, strengthened, and his mind sharpened

The time comes, threads of fate collide

bonds woven, tightened by passing seasons

they are gathered at the rift, again though they do not know it

their souls burn with recognition, their minds grow troubled, fed memories they have not lived

Before them appears the entity, the ender of all time

no emotion, no flesh, an embodiment of emptiness

the entity is sadness, death, anguish, ghostly, pain and corruption

there is no origin; reasons and logic flee before it

Without warning the destiny of the man and his friends is revealed

a choice must be made, a decision which governs all that exists and all that ever will

alone, the heroes would surely perish

they ready themselves instead, and together they decide

Their first option is sacrifice

allow the man from Redmoon to absorb the entity into his body and soul

then strike him down whilst he wrestles internally

ending the legend for all time

Alternatively, as is always chosen, the party must perform a summon

for if its physical presence is called forth, the entity can be defeated

but not killed; it will return again in just a few short centuries

thus the legend repeats; souls reused, and fates linger on

Whether chosen by the Primes, or even a higher power then they

the destiny of the man and his friends is not to be remembered

but to choose, forever and ever

until the entity is finally slain