Conquerer of nightmares, phobias,
         and other squishy, inedible things.

This is Little Bear. He is my corgi, and the inspiration for Kaizur. The fuzzy bastard is absolutely insane. He insists on being left alone after I come home from a long day of work, only to come scrambling up the stairs half an hour later to nip at my ankles and demand my attention.

He's got his quirks, sure, we all do...but I love him. I met him when he was a puppy; I was delivering pizza at the time. The fuckers that used to own him dropped him off at the local Humane Society because 'he shed too much'. He was trapped in a cage for three months. I visited him every once in a while because I felt bad for the little fuzzball. Then one day I noticed a couple of other people at the shelter were interested in him, and one mentioned the idea of adopting him. I don't know, man...something snapped in me and I bought him right then and there, right out from under their feet while they were looking at some other abandoned creature.

Bear's lazy, ungrateful, prefers to be by himself most of the time, gets really mad if you're late for dinner, and...yeah, he sheds all over the damned place. But he also knows when you're feelin' bad, or if you need a cuddle, and he never hesitates during those moments. He's adorable and awesome.

Best $100 I've ever spent.